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29 July 2013

Charlie Davidson Predictions

"Let me tell you something, John.  The whole Thom Browne skinny - faggy suit shit is over. It's dead." Charlie Davidson, The Andover Shop, 7/21/2013

04 July 2013

Revolution-nary Spending

Black Fleece Wallets

I love the more obscure facts about the Revolution...Did you know there were more than 13 colonies?  In North America  there was East and West Florida and North and South Novia Scotia,  Sam Adams was looking for a revolution to escape his debts. George Washington was an Anglophile and Ben Franklin may have been a spy for the British. Whether he was or not, many historians agree he would've come out of the war, equally as well, if the British had won. don't really wanna know any of that.

I may be getting too old, but I have an idea of what you want -- You wanna buy something...Preferably, something you don't need. Something that says something about you. You'd say it yourself but it's better 'things' do the talking for you. Me? I have six wallets and I'd sure like another one. These tasty beauties are at Brooks Brothers under the Black Fleece label. You're sure to get some attention whipping one of these bad boys open in Freemans Restaurant. They say Benedict Arnold turned coat because Congress screwed him over on his expense account but no one gives a toss about that. Happy Independence Day...Go buy something.

17 September 2012

Black Fleece: A Step Back

What would happen if you stopped by Chipp in '77 and were on Psilocybin mushrooms

No. 1, Canvas goods perfect for a green beret on leave in Cologne, Panama

No. 2, Pique cotton dinner jacket for L.A. public relayo

No. 3, Foreign Service Officer and grad of Bryn Mawr who thinks you went to Haverford

No. 4, Honeymoon with FSO in British Virgin Islands.

No. 5, Insurance broker at captive seminar in Hamilton, Bermuda

No. 6, On the terrace with R.O.P. at Renato's in Palm Beach

No. 8, Steve Martin & Dan Aykroyd visit the Cork & Clever restaurant in Ft Wayne

No. 10, The coolest dress ever...

...goes with this seersucker. Wear to a friend's wedding -- or, your own.

23 March 2011

A Ride Up To Jack Spade

The Ride Up...

To the 7th floor


The Staff

Suits start at $1,295

Side vent

Narrow lapel

Made by Southwick

Tweed sport by Southwick coat w/ half lining

and patch pockets with unfinished sleeves for working button $950

Poor Boy sweaters

Camp Mocc is out mid April for $250

with the right soul.

Canvas Dipped Bag - Go Navy $195

Proportions (not too small)

and removable labels are a Go.

Canvas Dipped that glows in the dark

Davis leather brief (named after T. Wayne Davis)

Great idea for a book lover's wallet

University Stripe Oxford. At $185, a No Go

We're pushing bespoke at this price...Made in Garland, NC

Brittany & Aaron - Bags and clothing

I want this pillow

There's an intelligent aesthetic here with details. Lots and lots of details. If you're a Manhattan working stiff who doesn't have the time to scratch your watch or wind your ass -- then Jack Spade can kit you up so you look like you know what you're doing. There's good value here with suits, blazers and sport coats all made in the USA by Southwick. There's sourced (not made in the USA) attire that's good looking but not such a good value...unless you're in a hurry.

Great value lies in the bags. An orange leather brief named the Davis (after the designer's grandfather) is $395. That's a steal in New York. Not so much if you live in Ft Wayne. There's creativity and fun with the bags that speak to the designer, Brittany Kleinman and to the history of the company. Andy and Kate Spade started the business by selling handbags in 1993. You sense that bags are still important here.

Great design and fairly priced. That's not easy to find today. Who knows... maybe the insanity of Thom Browne (BOHICA) is getting old with everyone. Even that New Yorker who works and makes too much can't afford $5,000 mistakes.

14 May 2009

Ersatz Trad

"It is the manufacturer who has the bad taste, it is he who believes that this bad taste is what other people want. Tradition is destroyed and replaced with nothing. What is culture but a sense of the past continually revivified in their present act. " Cecil Beaton in The Glass of Fashion