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31 January 2014

"Enough About Me"

I have a number of interviews I'll be posting in the next few weeks and most of them went like this.

26 October 2012

08 August 2010

Bob Hope on Turner Classic Movies - All Day

My Dad tells a story about Bob Hope in Korea. It makes sense if he tells it.

"I knew a captain who worked as Hope's aide during a USO tour of Korea. This captain had to get Hope booze, broads, whatever. Horrible job. Anyway, they're both standing on the deck of a destroyer somewhere off the coast of Korea. It's Spring and the Koreans use human waste as fertilizer. Hope sniffs the air, makes a face and asks my friend, "What's that smell?" "That's shit, Mr. Hope." "I know what it is." says Hope. "What did they do to it?""

Bob's on TCM all day. Nowhere near as funny as my Dad's story or this Dave Thomas / Rick Moranis skit from SCTV.