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27 March 2013

It looks topless to me...

Photo by DB, St Augustine, FL 1984

The college girl friend posing topless for my best friend.  Similar feelings resurfaced years later when a girlfriend, who had refused my intimate advances for months, returned from a week long business trip with her first full Brazilian claiming it was for hygienic purposes.

11 August 2012

A Lark

Summer, 1980, St Augustine, FL

To this day, she's why I don't like firemen.

21 December 2011

A Shirt for Both of You: Mercer & Sons

Flagler College, St Augustine, FL, 1983

That's M.E. up there in her dorm room 27 years ago. I'd like to make it clear this was a self portrait. If I were in the room that can would not be Diet Pepsi. M.E. wasn't shy about picking through my college closet and here she's modeling a hand made linen shirt issued to me by the National Park Service for living-history events at Castillo de San Marcos. I still have it, and after 27 years the linen feels like melted butter on Wonder Bread.

The Mercer Roll

Women have longed shopped the boy's department for shirts. Cheaper than a blouse, better made, more fabric, and half the cost at the dry cleaners. What's not to like? David Mercer and I were talking about how women are hosed when it comes to, 'tapered', 'no-iron', 'over-priced' shirt options. And I said, "I don't think anything looks sexier than a woman in a man's shirt."

'Your favorite shirt is on the bed...' Haircut 100

So when you order your husband's shirt -- remember, its yours as well. It's too late to order for Christmas, but in my family of slackers we always celebrated Three Kings. A perfect holiday for the forgetful, lazy and overwhelmed since it arrives on January 6th. It's sort of the last chance to get Christmas right. (Trad Three Kings Story)

Who knows...maybe the shirt you order will last 27 years.

06 September 2010

Back To School: September 1980

President of the Student Government Association

Very important business

Student government at work

Making sausage

Future leaders

SGA Officers - The big four

President second from left

I ask her out...

...or did I ask her out here?

My first assignment as photographer for the college paper my freshman year was to cover the SGA and the installation of new officers. The new president impressed me with her Kate Hepburn looks, a wonderfully naughty laugh and a smile to go with it.

Those first shots were during an SGA meeting. Later I did group shots and finished up with the four officers. I have no idea why I still have these negatives. Back then I liked to talk to people while I photographed them. While photographing the officers I asked the SGA president out. I think you can see it. I know I can. Everyone laughed but I was serious.

She told me she was already dating. 'Pat' was his name. I suggested a dinner just as friends. No strings. I offered up a little northern Italian restaurant. She said yes but added Pat got off his bartending job at 11 and she'd have to meet him. I told her it wouldn't be a problem. I was pretty sure a couple hours of conversation gently paired with a slow dinner and plenty of wine would erase Pat from her mind. It would also erase a significant portion of my GI Bill that month but, "All the world loves a lover - whatever the price."

We had martinis before dinner. Then scallops and grilled fish. We drank white wine that came in a fish bottle which she asked to keep as a souvenir. I was ready to order another souvenir when, at 10:50, she asked that I take her to Dan Jans where 'Pat' was getting off at 11. Out of luck and $150, I drove her to the bartender.

We dated one summer a couple years later. During the Lebanon war we argued politics and cooked steamed broccoli for dinner. She loved the Republican Party, Dr. Pepper, Bozz Scaggs and Richard Nixon. There were heated arguments but we bonded over the movie Cat People and played the David Bowie - Giorgio Moroder soundtrack non stop.

Some more years later we traveled to meet at a wedding. Or a lighthouse. Or dinner. Intimacy had turned into friendship and I looked forward to her letters in smeared fountain pen and our long cocktail hour phone calls. More years passed and I married while she devoted herself to the federal government. 14 years after the SGA meeting, at an alumni event, I saw her across a crowded room where she was holding a Nantucket basket and a conversation with the college president. Both flawlessly.

Later that night we were with a couple who had dated all through college and had married. The four of us stood close together telling stories and sipping our drinks when Pat interrupted with a Long Island yell that made the night somehow seem dirty. I turned to look for his Trans Am but only saw a man who was gaining weight as fast as he was losing hair.

He kissed the SGA president on the cheek, greeted the other couple and nodded at me. He talked about his success and the SGA president slid her arm through mine. Pat yelled to another group and ambled off. I watched him walk away, turned to her and asked, "What time do you want me to drop you off at Dan Jans?"

19 August 2010

Grasping Summer's End

August 1980 - A beach somewhere in Florida

As excited as I was to start college - I didn't want this to end either.

19 August 2009

The Lacoste - MW in 1981

MW was a senior my freshman year. President of the SGA, editor of the year book, head of some secret honor society and mayor of Sarasota. On our first date, we sat in a green vinyl booth at the Holiday Inn on the beach, drank $4 cocktails, smoked cigarettes from her silver case and talked about writing and writers. I looked past her and out the glass doors to the ocean and I remember thinking... I was a very long way from Ft Bragg.

18 August 2009

Another White Suit - MM in 1982

Lets call this college week. 'MM' at a college fashion show in 1982 or '83. I was shooting Plus-X in very low light. Only two or three shots made it from a 36 exposure roll. 'MM' came after 'MB', had a great sense of southern humor and a mother I fell in love with. Daddy...? Not so much. He thought I was a commie.

There was a change machine in the admin office that MM worked in as part of a basketball scholarship. MM was a tall drink of water and I was always there getting change for the cigarette machine and flirting. I finally asked her to a college dance. I was amazed by how many syllables she put into, 'hot dog.' We dated on and off through college. Breaking up when we were bored with each other - - Getting back together when we were bored with others. We're still friends to this day and hopefully tomorrow.

15 August 2009

The White Suit - MB in 1980

ADG or, Dust Bin as he's known in some parts, threw out a comment regarding his Disco attire and I think we may have another contest. Who has pictures with the most vulgar 70's get up.

Man, I was so creative...Black & White. Get it? The GI moustache, a $5 haircut and jacket lapels as wide as those trouser legs. The Fall of 1980 and I had just left the Army and was a freshman in college on the GI Bill. I was having a lot of fun despite my sartorial ignorance. Funny, you could pretty much say the same thing about me today.

That's the adorable 'MB' up there. A junior who was my Spanish tutor and who pretty much gave up on me in more ways than one. I was hopeless conjugating Spanish verbs (gritar, gritan, gritamos) and fitting in with her Commie friends. But the pictures take me back and I remember the afternoon like it was yesterday. I've always had a weakness for women with nice hands and short hair.