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11 January 2014

Happy Birthday, DB

Belated birthday greetings to old friend and frequent Trad contributor, DB. Dave did an hysterical impression of a fly in high school using two halves of a tennis ball. In the 38 years since then, he has changed little save the minor hair loss. I do hope he lost the ruffled shirt.

27 March 2013

It looks topless to me...

Photo by DB, St Augustine, FL 1984

The college girl friend posing topless for my best friend.  Similar feelings resurfaced years later when a girlfriend, who had refused my intimate advances for months, returned from a week long business trip with her first full Brazilian claiming it was for hygienic purposes.

19 December 2011

A Gift for DB

My packaging guru since we were both 17. Obsessed more with the outside than the inside -- and that includes people. Nothing is cooler than the wrapper. Cream cries out for glass. Like Bond needs Walther. Johnny needs Bandit. Mina needs a Vespa. The bridge needs Lions. $14.95 and still in stock from Think Geek.

28 October 2009

Bell - Ah - Monte!

Bell-Ah-Monte (in the cool sweater) & The Eiger

Bell-Ah-Monte and ...Hey! How did she get the sweater?

Malaga Station, Spain

Lake Jump

Garden City Beach, SC

San Juan Ferry

Unlike Alice Olive--I've known Bell-Ah-Monte for years. Since high school. I was the first to develop slide film and remember showing him the results in class. He ooh-ed and ah-ed. I had a home dark room and could borrow the old man's Topcon RE Super with a battery of lenses-- my favorite being a 58mm 1.4 lens. That was a hunk of glass. Like always, I was all hat and no horse.

Dave was shooting with some total piece of crap but he knew his camera's limitations. And he had the eye. He had the eye I wanted. Seeing what no one else can and catching it in a split second. He could also do an amazing imitation of a fly with two halves of a tennis ball. He's still shooting and today makes a living at it. I don't know if he can still do the fly imitation.

Back in the late 70's, I came home on leave and Dave showed me his Kodachrome slides of the Swiss town, Kleine Scheidegg and the north face of the Eiger. I remember staring at his shots open mouthed while the only sound came from the soft hum of the projector. I was amazed and jealous at the same time.

A quick note regarding tradition. All of these photographs were shot on film. Expensive and difficult to process. You never knew what you had for my case...years. I still have eight rolls of unprocessed Kodachrome from the early 90's. No anti - shake control on the camera either. That's what a tripod was for. It was damned difficult back then. Some months ago a reader emailed me and said I was, "a reminder of good stuff lost." I was flattered. But, while I don't know about Dave -- I never want to see a roll of film again. A sheet of Panatomic X and an 8X10 view camera is another story.

04 July 2008

A Generational Fourth

4 July 2008 @ 1644 hours GMT. By David Belmonte.